Brief History – BCMC College of Engineering & Technology

Brief History

Having been affiliated with Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB), Dhaka on 05 July 1999; BCMC College of Engineering & Technology under BCMC Foundation which was established on 01 March 1999 started its academic journey on 01 September 1999 with a view to operating higher & mid-level academic courses on Science, Engineering & Technology. In the year 2012 BCMC College was affiliated with Rajshahi University & started B Sc in Engineering Curriculums. Since inception BCMC College has been successfully operating various academic courses. At present BCMC operates 06 B Sc in Engineering courses under Rajshahi University & 13 Diploma in Engineering courses under Bangladesh Technical Education Board, Dhaka. The college is absolutely free from student politics in order to maintain proper academic environment.

The college started its academic journey on 01 Sept 1999 with only 06 students & 07 faculty members, officers & staff. At present the number of students is about 3000 & the number of faculty members, officers & staff is more than 200. Students from 46 districts of the country have been studying in BCMC College at the moment. The college has a land area of 67.75 decimal of which 19 decimal is own & the remaining 48.75 decimal is rented. The total floor area of the college which is housed in 04 buildings is 1,15,400 sq ft. which is the largest among the non-government engineering colleges of the country. Out of this floor area 32,400 sq ft is rented & the remaining 83,000 sq ft is own. These information are shown in the following table:

Type of ownership 1st Campus 2nd Campus Annex Building Dormitory Total
Own 19 dec 19 dec
Rented 26.75 dec 12 dec 10 dec 48.75 dec
Total 19 dec 26.75 dec 12 dec 10 dec 67.75 dec


Floor Space 1st Campus
(Own)in sq ft
2nd Campus (Rented)in sq ft Annex Building
in sq ft

in sq ft

Total floor area in sq ft
Own Rented Total
83,000 18,000 4,400 10,000 83,000 32,400 1,15,400

In these already constructed buildings a total number of 190 rooms are available which are used for classes, laboratories, library, teachers, administrative works & other purposes. It has 63 class rooms. All the class rooms, laboratories, library and others important places are AC fitted. As classes are held both in morning & day shifts, number of class rooms for having been used twice stands at 126.

More than 6000 students have completed their studies from BCMC College. Most of these students are well-placed in various jobs of government, semi government, autonomous bodies & private organizations both at home & abroad. Names of the work-stations where the students of BCMC College are currently working are given below:

  1. Grameen Phone, Bangla Link, Airtel, Robi & other mobile & land phone companies.
  2. Sonali Bank, BASIC Bank, BRAC Bank, National Bank, Grameen Bank & other banks, insurance companies & financial institutions.
  3. Sheltech & other Developer & Real Estate companies.
  4. Partex Group & other national & multinational companies.
  5. BRAC, ASA, Grameen Shakti & other NGOs.
  6. LGED, PWD, RHD, Dept of Land Survey, Passport Office, Election Commission & other government & autonomous bodies.
  7. BSMMU & other government & private hospitals, clinics & diagnostic centers.
  8. BCMC College & other private educational institutions.
  9. Working in various jobs in Kuwait, Cyprus, UK, USA, Malaysia, Australia, Finland, Canada, Norway & other countries.

Again a good number of these students are still in higher studies in different universities both at home & abroad.

Upon successful completion of 19 years the BCMC College of Engineering & Technology has been passing its 20th year. Since inception the college never practised the traditional system of education; rather it advanced through its own innovated way which is termed as `Career Friendly Education’. In the year 2015 the college received ISO 9001:2008 certificate for achieving international standard on Quality Management System. The college wants to explore the hidden potentialities of a student in order to make his/her life full-fledged. The policy & the system of education followed by the BCMC College of Engineering & Technology have been accepted by the students & their guardians which can be guessed to see the students from 46 districts of the country joining the BCMC College. Again considering the parameters like infrastructural facility, number & quality of teachers, officers & staff, types of curriculums, supervision of students, linkage with guardians, accountabilities of teachers & students, co-curricular club activities, library, educational inputs & lab equipments, students’ transportation, recreational & study tour and other facilities, provision of scholarships/stipends/prizes, job searching assistance etc. the BCMC College of Engineering & Technology has turned into the largest private leading engineering college of the country long before.