Department of Business Administration & Management

Md. Hasanuzzaman


Message of Welcome

Welcome to our Department of Business Administration & Management. It is needless to tell the importance of business-based subjects. Globalization has been possible through business among the countries. In view of this importance this college set up the Department of Business Administration & Management at the time of inception of the college. At that time out of 06 faculty members 01 was from business background.

This department provides support services to all other departments.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Department in Brief

This department is one of the four oldest departments of the college. It provides support services to other departments for carrying out their academic programs. In every program both at diploma & undergraduate levels, there are subjects on Management, Accounting, Marketing and Finance. The faculty members of this department take care of those subjects.

The list of the faculty members of this department is as follows:

Md. Hasanuzzaman

Assistant Professor & Departmental Head

Academic Qualifications:
BBA in Finance & Banking (RU),
MBA in Finance & Banking (RU)
Experience: 08 years
Mobile: 01931-628052
Intercom: 245