With the increase of economic growth of our country the demand of skilled manpower is also increasing rapidly. Although there is a wide expansion of traditional system of education in our country it cannot face digital challenge of the 21st century; rather the number of unemployed people is increasing. Demand for mid-level technical education in our country is increasing day by day. As per recent statistics, the percentage of mid-level technical manpower in our country is around 15% whereas it is 40-60% in developed countries. According to another statistics there is a positive co-relation between the mid-level technical man power & economic growth. In other words per capita income of a country is higher if the number of mid-level technical man power is more. As such there is no option other than strengthening technical & job-oriented education if we want to face the challenges of the 21st century.

BCMC College faces all such challenges. We aim to provide to our students’ knowledge & skill based on science, engineering & technology through curricular & co-curricular activities so as to enable them having a good job & taking the leadership quality in future.