Department of Garments & Textile Engineering

Mr. Md. Asaduzzaman

Assistant Professor & Departmental Head

Message of Welcome

The necessity, importance and significance of technical education in the present world is not a matter of discussion; but a matter of realization. BCMC college of Engineering & Technology is playing a vital and realistic role in this field of education. This college is the pioneer in the private sector. This college is playing the role of developing the students as ideal citizens who are paying their contribution to develop the country. The students of this college gather both theoretical and practical knowledge. Their brain is the store house of knowledge and their hands are the machines to enrich their own lives, families and country. The introduction of 06 B Sc Engineering programs is the new horizon for the learners of Bangladesh.

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Department in Brief

Clothing in one of the five fundamental needs of human being. Since inception of civilization, people have been using clothing in various forms. To-day it has become a fashion to a great extent. As such the demands of Garments & Textile Engineering will never end so long there will be human civilization on this earth.

BCMC set up the Department of Garments & Textile Engineering in 2004-2005 & started four years long Diploma in Textile Engineering Program under BTEB. In 2009-2010 04 years long Diploma in Garments Design & Pattern Making Engineering Program under BTEB was introduced.

At present about 700 students have been studying Textile & Garments Programs under this department.

The duration & annual intake capacities of various programs under this department are shown below:

Sl No

Name of the program


Annual Intake Capacity




Diploma in Textile Engineering





Diploma in Garments Design & Pattern Making Engineering




The list of the faculty members of this department is as follows:

Mr. Md. Asaduzzaman

Assistant Professor & Departmental Head

Academic Qualifications:
Diploma in Textile Engg (BTEB)
Experience: 12 years
Mobile: 01712-858398
Intercom: 216

Engr. Pradyut Mallick


Academic Qualifications:
BSc in Textile Engg (MBSTU)
Experience: 07 years
Mobile: 01832594954

Mr.Md.Azam Ali


Academic Qualification:
Dip. in Textile Engg (BTEB)
Experience:04 year