At A Glance – BCMC College of Engineering & Technology

At A Glance

01. Salient Features

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified only engineering college of the country.
  • Affiliation with Rajshahi University & Bangladesh Technical Education Board, Dhaka.
  • Engineering, Science & Technology based education.
  • Own campus, largest private engineering college of the country having more than 100 thousand sq ft infrastructural facility.
  • Excellent location.
  • Free from student-politics & students’ union for proper academic environment.
  • Classes are taken by full time qualified engineers, professionals & faculties having degrees from home & abroad. Total number of teachers, officers & staff is more than 200 which includes 60 B Sc/ M Sc/Ph D Engineer-Teachers & the rest having degrees from home & abroad.
  • Intensive & supervised method of teaching, which is termed as Career-Friendly Education System.
  • Well equipped laboratories, AC fitted class rooms, laboratories, library & co-curricular clubs.
  • Free full time Internet facilities.
  • Free medical treatment in 2-bedded BCMC Medical Services Center for the students & staff.
  • Rich library of about 19 thousand books; scope of study in library & borrowing books from the library. Moreover a Cyber Library is available.
  • Free of cost assistance in Career Counseling by BCMC Career Counseling Center & Job Searching by BCMC Job Searching Center.
  • Maximum stress on recreation, sports & co-curricular activities. 19 co-curricular clubs are operated free of cost.
  • Speaking in English within the campus is compulsory. Classes on English, Spanish, Arabic, German, Japanese, Korean & Chinese languages are conducted free of cost.
  • Awarding prizes & certificates of honor to the position holders in sports & co-curricular activities.
  • Selection of the ‘Student of the Year’ & awarding him/her Tk.15,000/-, a gold medal, crest & certificate of honor.
  • Awarding `Merit Scholarship’ @Tk. 1000/- per month & `General Scholarship’ @ Tk.800/- per month on the basis of results in exams & class-attendance.
  • Awarding prize money @ Tk.500/- per month for speaking in English fluently.
  • Separate prayer facilities for both male & female students in BCMC Central Jame Mosque.
  • An auditorium of about 600 seat capacity.
  • Free gym facility for the students.
  • 24-hours electric supply through own 11/0.4KV Electric Sub-Station & Auto Generator.
  • Free study tour, recreation tour & student transportation by college own bus.
  • Publication of `BCMC Campus’ regularly in every month & sending to all students, educational institutions & other places.
  • Special discount in admission fee for female, meritorious, sibling & tribal students.
  • Issue of all academic transcripts & certificates by concerned university & board.
  • Security service headed by a Security Officer. The building is filled with CCTV Camera Network.
  • Approved Examination Center of Rajshahi University & Bangladesh Technical Education Board.
  • Brilliant results in the examinations.
  • 3000 students from 46 districts currently study in BCMC College.
  • More than 5000 students have successfully completed their courses from BCMC College & all of them are well placed in jobs or on further study.
  • Own Shahid Minar to observe the national days.
  • Free Wi-Fi & LAN internet service; & overall
  • A unique & exceptional full-fledged engineering college.

02. A Brief Description

Having been affiliated with Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB), Dhaka on 05 July 1999; BCMC College of Engineering & Technology (in short BCMC College) under Bangladesh Center for Miscellaneous Care (BCMC) Foundation, which was established on 01 March 1999 started its academic journey on 01 September 1999 with a view to operating higher & mid-level academic courses on Science, Engineering & Technology. In the year 2012 BCMC College was affiliated with Rajshahi University & started B.Sc Engineering curriculums. Since inception BCMC College has been successfully operating academic courses. At present BCMC operates 06 B.Sc Engineering curriculums under Rajshahi University and 13 Diploma Engineering & 09 Short Courses under Bangladesh Technical Education Board, Dhaka. The college is absolutely free from student politics in order to maintain proper academic environment.

The college started its academic journey on 01 September 1999 with only 06 students & 07 faculty members, officers & staff. At present the number of students is more than 3000 & the number of faculty members, officers & staff is more than 200. Students from 46 districts of the country have been studying at this moment.

At present the college has 02 faculties & 08 departments which are as follows:

A. Faculty of Science & Engineering

  1. Department of Civil & Construction Engineering
  2. Department of Electrical, Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering
  3. Department of Industrial & Production, Marine & Mechanical Engineering
  4. Department of Computer Engineering & Technology
  5. Department of Garments & Textile Engineering
  6. Department of Natural Science & Chemical Engineering

B. Faculty of Business Administration & Social Science

  1. Department of Business Administration & Management
  2. Department of Humanities, Social Science & Related subjects

The total floor area of the college which is housed in 04 buildings is more than 100 thousand sq ft.

In these already constructed buildings a total number of 190 rooms are available which are used for classes, laboratories, library, teachers, administrative works & other purposes.

More than 6000 students have completed their studies from BCMC College. Most of these students are well-placed in various jobs of government, semi government, autonomous bodies & private organizations both at home & abroad. Names of the work-stations where the students of BCMC College are currently working are given below :

  • Grameen Phone, Bangla Link, Airtel, Robi & other mobile & land phone companies.
  • Sonali Bank, BASIC Bank, BRAC Bank, National Bank, Grameen Bank & other banks, insurance companies & financial institutions.
  • Sheltech & other Developer & Real Estate Companies.
  • Partex Group & other national & multi-national companies.
  • BRAC, ASA, Grameen Shakti & other NGOs.
  • LGED, PWD, RHD, Dept of Land Survey, Passport Office, Election Commission & other government & autonomous bodies.
  • BSMMU & other government & private hospitals, clinics & diagnostic centers.
  • BCMC College & other private educational institutions.
  • Working in various jobs in Kuwait, Cyprus, UK, USA, Malaysia, Australia, Finland, Canada, Norway & other countries.

Again a good number of these students are still in higher studies in different universities both at home & abroad.

03. Objectives

With the increase of economic growth of our country the demand of skilled manpower is also increasing rapidly. Although there is a wide expansion of traditional system of education in our country it cannot face digital challenge of the 21st century; rather the number of unemployed people is increasing. Demand for mid-level technical education in our country is increasing day by day. As per recent statistics, the percentage of mid-level technical manpower in our country is only 14% whereas it is 40-60% in developed countries. According to another statistics there is a positive co-relation between the mid-level technical man power & economic growth. In other words per capita income of a country is higher if the number of mid-level technical man power is more. As such there is no option other than strengthening technical & job-oriented education if we want to face the challenges of the 21st century. The GOB has set a target of increasing  technically educated people to 20% by 2020, 40% by 2030 & 60% by 2040.

BCMC College faces all such challenges. We aim to provide to our students’ knowledge & skill based on science, engineering & technology through curricular & co-curricular activities so as to enable them having a good job & taking the leadership quality in future.

04. Location

BCMC College stands by the side of Jashore-Dhaka highway in Barandi BCMC College Para in Jashore town under Jashore Pourashava & Kotwali Police Station. The location map is given below:

05. Running Courses

The following Courses are now in operation in BCMC College:

Under Rajshahi University
04 years long B.Sc in Textile/Civil/Electrical & Electronic/Mechanical/Industrial & Production/Computer Science & Engineering.

Under Bangladesh Technical Education Board, Dhaka
04 years long Diploma in Engineering Courses on Civil/Construction/Electrical/Electronics/Telecommunication/ Electrometrical/Mechanical/Computer/Textile/Garments Design & Pattern Making/Chemical/Marine/Shipbuilding Engineering.

03/06 months long Short Courses (Certificate Courses) on Computer Application/Object Oriented Programming/ AutoCAD 2D & 3D/Graphic Design & Multimedia/Apparel Merchandising/Driving cum Auto Mechanics/ Refrigeration & Air conditioning/ Hardware & Networking/Database Programming.

Under BCMC College of Engineering & Technology
06 months long Language courses on English/Arabic/Korean/Japanese languages.

06. Teachers/Trainers & their capabilities:

The number of teachers/ trainers & staff in BCMC College in more than 200 of which number of teachers/trainers is around 100. This includes about 60 BSc/MSc/PhD Engineer -Teachers & the rest having degrees from home & abrood. Apart from teaching BSc & Diploma Engg Courses and Short Courses as in Section Title 05 our teachers/ trainers are also capable of conducting training on the following trades:

Fashion Design/ Block Batik & Screen Printing /Tailoring & Dress Making/Pattern Making & Cutting Operation /Sewing Machine Operation & Tailoring/ Computer Programming / Outsourcing / Web Design & Development / Professional Freelancing / IT Support Service / Plumbing & Pipe Fitting / Aminship / Masonary / Rod Binding & Fabrication / Tiles & Marble Works / Electrical House Wiring / Mobile Phone servicing / Consumer Electronics / TV & Freeze Repairing / Welding / Motor Cycle Mechanic / Automobile Mechanics / Entrepreneurship/Project Management/ Supply Chain Management/ Quality Control.

07. Teaching & Examination Systems

All diploma & undergraduate courses are 04 years long and divided into 08 semesters. The duration of each semester is 06 months.
Merits of the students are assessed through class tests, tutorials, quiz, oral tests, attendance, continuous assessments and semester final exams.
BCMC College has a separate section for the control of examinations. The Controller of Examinations is assisted by a number of Deputy & Assistant Controller of Examinations and Office Executives.

Intensive & supervised methods of teaching are followed. As a result there is no need for a student to go to a private tutor. Again private teaching of the students of the BCMC College by the teachers of BCMC College is totally banned.

The Guide Teachers and the Heads of the departments maintain close contact with the students & their guardians over mobile phones & through general assembly of students. This Departmental Head/Guide Teacher-Student-Guardian contact creates a harmonic relation which helps the students in building up his/her career.

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08. BCMC Central & Departmental Libraries

BCMC College has a rich central library having about 19000 books. The students can study in the library & borrow books from the library. The library is fitted with ACs. There is also a Cyber Library & facility of photocopying. Further each department has its own library for use of books by its faculty members.

09. Class Room

At present BCMC has 63 class rooms. All the class rooms are AC fitted. As classes are held both in Morning & Day shifts, number of class rooms for having been used twice stands at 126.

10. Educational Inputs

BCMC College has sufficient educational inputs. These include Tabloid Chair, Class Room Table, White Board, Multimedia Projector, Computer, Laser Printer, IPS, Refrigerator, Work Station, Secretariat Table, Ordinary Table, Cushioned Chair with arms, Cushioned Chair without arms, Shelf, Air Conditioner, Fan, Bus, Car, Driving Training Car, CCTV Camera, Steel Almirah, File Cabinet, Laboratory Table, Broad Band Internet connection, Cell phone Internet connection, Wi-Fi Internet connection, Web Site, Sofaset, TV, DVD, Sound System, Megaphone, Rostrum, Harmonium, Tabla, Key-Board, Changer, Musical Instruments, Drum & other Band Party Instruments etc.

11. Laboratories

BCMC College has the following well-equipped Laboratories: Civil & Construction Engineering Lab, Electrical Engineering Lab, Electronics Engineering Lab, Telecommunication Engineering Lab, Computer Engineering Lab, Mechanical Engineering Lab, Marine & Shipbuilding Engineering Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Lab, Engineering Drawing Lab and Garments & Textile Engineering Lab.

12. Electric Sub-station

The college has its own electric sub-station having a capacity of 200 KVA transformer, 100 KW auto-generator & ATS with a view to providing uninterrupted power supply.

13. BCMC Gym

A Gym has been established for the students for building up their bodies so as to maintain good physique.

14. BCMC Shahid Minar

There is a Shahid Minar inside the college for paying homage to the martyrs of language movement & those who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of this country.

15. College Buses

BCMC College has 02 college buses. These buses are used to provide the students with the following cost-free services:

a. Transportation of the students to & from the college across the selected routes.

b. Recreation Tour on weekend days.

c. Study Tour

16. Co-Curricular Activities:

In order to prepare the students to face the challenge of the working lives the following 19 co-curricular clubs are operated side by side of academic curriculum:

  1. BCMC Computer Club
  2. BCMC Foreign Language Club (English/Korean/Japanese/Arabic)
  3. BCMC Debating Club
  4. BCMC Literature & Cultural Club ( Music/Dance/Acting/Recitation/Musical Instruments)
  5. BCMC Science & Technology Club
  6. BCMC Muslim Religious Club
  7. BCMC Hindu Religious Club
  8. BCMC Games & Sports Club (Football/Cricket/Athletics/Indoor Games)
  9. BCMC Health & Fitness Club
  10. BCMC Media Club
  11. BCMC Magazine Club
  12. BCMC Seminar Club
  13. BCMC Meditation Club
  14. BCMC Driving Club
  15. BCMC Math Club
  16. BCMC Judo & Karate Club
  17. BCMC Cadet Corps
  18. BCMC Band Party

Students are not to pay anything for attending these clubs. Classes on English, Japanese, Arabic & Korean Languages are held in order to make the students fluent in these languages. This will help them if they get any job abroad. It is mentioned here that speaking in English within the college is compulsory as acquiring the ability to speak in English fluently in the recent world of globalization is of prime necessity.

National Programs like Shahid & International Mother Language Day, Independence & National Day and Victory Day are observed with due honor to the martyrs. Rallies are also held on those days. College Day ceremony to mark the class starting day of the college on 01 September is also held in a colorful manner. Moreover, there is a Shahid Minar in the campus to observe the Shahid & International Mother Language Day.

Apart from observing the above programs Annual Picnic, Nobin Baron, Farewell Ceremony organized by each Department, Games Competition like Inter Department Football Tournament, Inter Department Cricket Tournament, Athletics Competition, Body Building, Judo & Karate Competitions, Table Tennis Competition, Carom Competition etc.

Extempore speech & Debating Competitions both in Bangla & English are held in every semester. Speaking Competition in foreign languages like Japanese, Arabic & Korean are also held in every semester. BCMC College became Divisional Champion in Enterprise Challenge Award Competition for 03 consecutive years in Khulna Division. This Competition was arranged jointly by British Council, Directorate of Technical Education & BTEB.
Bangla wall Magazine ‘Manon’; English wall Magazine ‘The Panorama’, Little Magazine ‘Joyonti’ are published regularly. These are published on national days & College Day. BCMC College won the Regional Championship in Regional Wall Magazine Festival organized by the Daily Jugantor.

‘BCMC Campus’ the monthly news bulletin of the college is being published regularly for last 12 years. This news bulletin is sent to all schools, colleges, madrasas & universities of Khulna division & other important places of the country.

17. BCMC Students’ Welfare Center

BCMC Students’ Welfare Center is headed by a Students Welfare Officer (SWO) whose one of the tasks is to solve the accommodation problem of the students. Separate messes & hostels for male & female students are available around the college. The SWO also looks into any social problem of students. The SWO is assisted by two Assistant Students’ Welfare Officers.

18. BCMC Students’ Career Counseling Center

This center headed by a Chief Counselor & a number of counselors is responsible to teach the students preparing good CVs, art of facing interviews for getting jobs upon completion of courses.

19. BCMC Job Searching Center

BCMC Job Searching Center is headed by a Job Searching Officer (JSO) is operated in BCMC in order to provide the job-seeking students free of cost with upto date information of jobs using internet, print media & personal contact. A good number of students have so far got jobs through this job center.

20. BCMC Medical Services Center

BCMC Medical Services Center provides free of cost medical treatment to the students & staff of BCMC College. The students also get the benefit of free Blood Grouping service.

21. BCMC Public Relations Center

This Center headed by a Public Relations Officer (PRO) works to focus the activities of BCMC College outside. It also carries out publicity by publishing Hand Bills, Prospectus, Calendar, etc. The PRO is assisted by two Assistant Public Relations Officers.

22. BCMC Students’ Recreation Center

This center headed by a Students’ Recreation Officer (SRO) works for arranging recreational facilities to the students. The students are taken to any historical or recreational place/spot on weekend days by college buses. The students get these facilities free of cost. The Students’ Recreation Officer is assisted by two Assistant Students’ Recreation Officers.

23. BCMC Students’ Guidance & Improvement Center

This center headed by a Consultant Psychologist works for bringing the drug-addicted or otherwise derailed students on right rail. The lifestyles of a good number of students have already been changed because of this center.

24. Study Tour

On the basis of necessity the students are taken to study tours to different mills, industries, projects etc for acquiring practical & on job experience. The entire expenditure of conveyance is borne by the college.

25. Recreation

The students can watch TV & read 16 News Papers daily. Discussion & cultural functions are held on different national & college programs. Students also organize picnic & pleasure trip. The college arranges recreational tour free of cost on every weekend day. The students get the opportunity to visit the historical & recreational spots.

26. BCMC Central Jame Mosque

Both male and female students & staff can say their prayers separately in BCMC Central Jame Mosque. There is a Khatib cum Pesh Imam and a Muazzin in the mosque. Students & staff who can not at all recite the holy Quran or can not read it perfectly get the opportunity to recite correctly.

27. BCMC Web Site

All information about the BCMC College like Location Map, contact telephone, mobile phone, fax numbers, e-mail address, notices & circulars, teachers & officers list & their mobile phone numbers, guide teachers list & their mobile phone numbers, result of the examinations etc. are available in BCMC Web Site. The address of the web site is

The System Analyst & an Assistant System Analyst are responsible for displaying & updating all information.

28. Scholarships/Stipends/Prizes

The following types of Scholarships/Stipends/Prizes are given to the students of BCMC College:

a. Merit Scholarship: On the basis of results in examinations & class attendance Merit Scholarships @ Tk.1000/- per month are given to the students in every semester.

b. General Scholarship: On the basis of results in the examinations & class attendance. General Scholarships @ Tk 800/- per month are given to the students in every semester.

c. Student of the Year Stipend: A student having all round performance in class attendance, results in examinations, attendance & active participation in club activities, conduct & fluency in Spoken English is selected as the Student of the Year on the basis of recommendations from the departments & having a thread-bare discussion in Faculty General Meeting. The Student of the Year is awarded with Tk 15,000/-, a gold medal, a crest & a certificate of honor.

d. Prize for Speaking in English fluently: Students who speak in English fluently within the college campus are awarded with prize money amounting to Tk 500/- per student in every month.

29. Requirement for admission (for session 2018-2019)

a. In order to get admission in Diploma in Engineering curriculum a student will have to pass Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or O level or equivalent examination in any group with a minimum GPA 2.50 in the scale of 5.0 within last 10 years.

b(i) In order to get admission in B Sc Engineering a student will have to pass SSC (Science/Vocational), Dakhil (Science), O level (Science) or equivalent examination with a minimum GPA 3.0 in the scale of 5.0 within last 09 years.

b(ii) The student will have to pass Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) (Science/Vocational), Alim (Science), A level (Science) or equivalent examination with minimum GPA 3.0 in the scale 5.0.
Diploma in Engineering or with a minimum CGPA 2.40 in the scale 4.0.

b (iii) The student will have to get minimum GPA 7.0 in aggregate of SSC and HSC or Diploma in Engineering or equivalent examinations. For Diploma in Engineering student the CGPA will be converted to 5.0 scale from 4.0 scale.

c. (iv) In order to get admission in Short Courses (Certificate Courses) & Language Courses a person will have to pass Viii or JSC or JDC in any year.

30. Fee Structure (for session 2018-2019)

The Fee Structure for Diploma in Engineering and B Sc in Engineering are as follows:

CurriculumAdmission FeesSemester FeesMonthly FeesTotal Fees
a.   B Sc in Engineering10,0001256,000755,00063298,0003,749
b.   Diploma in Engineering10,0004,5001,700127,600
c.      Short Course (Certificate Course)Total BDT 3500  other than Driving Cum Auto Mechanics which is BDT 6000 in total
d.   Language CourseTotal BDT 3500
  • Examination, Accommodation & Fooding Fees are excluded.  If the total fees are paid in maximum 2 equal installments, 10% of the total fees are exempted.
  • Total exam fees for Diploma in Engineering during 4 years will be approximately BDT 14,400 (US$180) & for B Sc in Engineering it will be approximately BDT 60,000 (US$750).
  • Exam Fee for short course (certificate course) will be BDT 200
  • Accommodation & Fooding cost per month will be approximately BDT 5,000 (US$65) for Bsc Engineering student.

31. Organogram :

The organogram of BCMC College is as follows :

32. BCMC Teachers’ Dormitory

BCMC College has its own 3-storied Teachers’ Dormitory. This dormitory is well-furnished. Teachers get rent free residential accommodation. All expenditures of the dormitory including electricity bill, news paper bill etc. are borne by the college.

33. Standing Committees

BCMC College has the following Standing Committees:

a. Governing Body
b. Academic Committee
c. Admission Committee
d. Disciplinary Committee
e. Examinations Conducting Committee
f. Vigilance Team

Each co-curricular club is operated by a Club Committee, the composition of which is as follows:

a. President : 01 no.
b. Vice President : 01 to 05 in nos.
c. Member : 04 to 07 in nos.
d. Secretary : 01 no.

34. BCMC College in Print Media

BCMC college has been passing its 20th year. During this time many features & news were published several times in different national & regional news papers of our country. These news papers include Daily Janokantho, Daily Ittefaq, Daily Mathabhanga, Daily Ajker Alo, Daily Andoloner Bazar, Daily Thikana, Daily Prothom Alo, Daily Loksamaj, Daily Runner, Daily Purbanchal, Daily Kallayan, Daily Spondon, Daily Naya Digonto, Daily Kafela, Daily Drishtipat, Daily Gramer Kagoj, Daily Sangbad, Dainik Janmobhumi, Daily Inquilab, Daily Samokal, Daily Jugantor, Daily Destiny, Daily Bhorer Kagoj, Daily Amar Desh, Daily Desh Tattho, Daily Jai Jai Din, etc and a good number of online newspapers.

35. Conclusion

Upon successful completion of 19 years the BCMC College has been passing its 20th year. Since inception the college never practised the traditional system of education; rather it advanced through its own innovated way which is termed as `Career Friendly Education’. The college wants to explore the hidden potentialities of a student in order to make his/her life full-fledged. The policy & the system of education followed by the BCMC College have been accepted by the students & their guardians which can be guessed to see the students from 46 districts of the country joining the BCMC College. Again considering the parameters like infrastructural facility, number & quality of teachers, officers & staff, types of curriculums, supervision of students, linkage with guardians, accountabilities of teachers & students, co-curricular club activities, library, educational inputs & lab equipments, students’ transportation, recreational & study tour and other facilities, provision of scholarships/stipends/prizes, job searching assistance etc. the BCMC College has turned into the largest leading engineering college of the country long before.