Department of Humanities, Social Science &
Related Subjects

Dr. Al MamunDr. Md. Al Mamun Sarker

Message of Welcome

BCMC is the example of development and evolution. Everywhere in BCMC we see the touch of change and progress. BCMC has already proved itself as the symbol of ideal and dynamic technology based institution. BCMC has been avoiding the traditional system of education since its inception; rather it has introduced its own innovated system which the BCMC terms as ‘Career- Friendly Education System’.

BCMC puts equal importance on both curricular & co-curricular activities. The faculty members of this department contribute both in the fields of curricular & co-curricular activities. As such it is the largest department of the college from the angle of man-power.

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Department in Brief

This department is one of the four oldest departments of the college. It provides support services to other departments for carrying out their academic programs. In every program both at diploma & undergraduate levels, there are subjects like Bangla, English, History & Culture, Bangladesh Studies, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, etc. The faculty members of this department take care of those subjects.

Further Instructors of different Co-curricular Clubs are also the faculty members of this department.

The college puts equal stress both on curricular & co-curricular activities. Again the college desires that all students, faculty members, officers & staff speak in English within the college campus. Thus the role of this department is directly linked with widely talked ‘Career-Friendly Education System’ of the college which is a unique example in the scene of educational institutions of our country.

The list of the faculty members of this department is as follows:



Name & Designation

Academic Qualifications


Mobile No & E-mail Address


1Sharafat HossenMd. Sharafat Hossain
Professor & Faculty Head
BA (Hons) MA in English (DU), PhD on-going23 Years


2Dr. Al MamunDr. Md. Al Mamun Sarker
Associate Professor & Departmental Head
BSS (Hons), MSS in Social Work (RU), PhD in Environmental Science (RU)09 Years


4Asaduzzaman BanglaMd. Asaduzzaman
Assistant Professor
BA(Hons) MA in Bangla (DU)18 Years


5Shahidul AlamMd. Shahidul Alam
Assistant Professor
BA(Hons) MA in Bangla (RU)23 Years

6Afzal HossainMd. Afzal Hossain
Assistant Professor
BA(Hons) MA in English (NU)09 Years


7Muklesur RahmanMuhammad Mukhlesur Rahman
Assistant Professor
B Sc (Hons), M Sc in Psychology (RU), M Sc in Clinical Psychology, M Phil on-going (DU)09 Years01192-033730246
8Habibur RahmanMd. Habibur Rahman
Assistant Professor
Dip in Civil Engg, BSS(Hons) MSS in
Pol Science (NU),PhD on-going
06 Years


9Momtazur RahmanEngr. Md. Momtazur Rahman
Assistant Professor, Instructor, Foreign Language
B Sc in Electrical & Electronic Engg. (KUET), M Sc Engg ( Germany)07 Years


10Abdullah Al MamunMd. Abdullah-Al-Mamun
Lecturer & Instructor, Foreign Language
BA (Hons) MA in English (NU)03 Years


11Amitav RajAmitav Raj
Lecturer & Instructor, Musical Instruments
BSS (Hons) in Social Welfare (NU), MSS (NU), Diploma in LIS on-going (NU), Certificate & Traning in Musical Instruments03 Years


12Sadhon Kumar RoyShadhon Kumar Roy
Instructor, Foreign Language
B Com (Hons), M Com (DU), PGD in Personnel Mgt (IPM) & Industrial Mgt (BIM), Trained in Spanish, German & Arabic Languages23 Years01923-124418249
13Rafiq Islam ACCMd. Rafiqul Islam
Instructor, Foreign Language
BSS(NU), Trained in Korean Language18 Years


14Alhaj Mufti Maolana Md. Mahabubur RahmanAlhaj Mufti Maolana Md. Mahabubur Rahman
Instructor, Muslim Religious Club
Mufti05 Years01734-917565257
15Akter MuzzainHafez Md. Aktaruzzaman
Instructor, Muslim Religious Club
Quran-e-Hafez07 Years01770-934242257
16Mohasin MredhaM. Mohsin Mridha
Instructor, Judo & Karati
Diploma in Physical Education, Retd from Air Force, Trained in Judo & Karati30 Years


17Israt Jahan LizaIsrat Jahan Liza
Instructor, Music
BBA (Hons) on-going (NU), Certificate & Traning in Music13 Years


18Sayed AsaduzzamanSyed Asaduzzaman
Instructor, Driving
SSC, Retd from Army, Trained in Driving25 Years01714-846915257