Message of Principal

Office of the Principal

The radical transformation of global society has brought a wide era in civilization. In our global society, problems such as climate changes, financial crisis and terrorism have been spreading beyond national boundaries in no time. The task of solving problems concerning climate changes and economic revitalization needs to be shared on a global scale. Solutions for aforementioned issues will require innovation that surpasses contemporary convention.

BCMC College of Engineering & Technology, Jessore, Bangladesh was established on 01 Sept 1999 as a comprehensive college based on new educational concepts. BCMC College of Engineering & Technology is committed to academic excellence in our classrooms; relevant programs in our curriculum and caring, personal attention to our students. One of our great strengths is the enthusiastic, administrators, faculty and staff in creating a sense of community. We believe that the opportunity for higher technical education should be available to all who seek it, and we will continue to meet the ongoing challenges that higher education presents in the years ahead.

Since its establishment, the BCMC College of Engineering & Technology has aimed to create a modern academic environment in every sense. Based on that aim, we have promoted constant reforms in order to create a flexible education. Even as we have advanced specialized areas of expertise, we have actively developed new cross-disciplinary approaches to education. We need to know what happens next. Are our graduates leading fulfilling lives? Are they high performers and satisfied workers? Are they likely to achieve further success? Are they engaged with their communities? Are they leaders? Our students are provided with the academic tools, practical skills, and “real world” opportunities necessary to advance as leaders in their professions and their communities through 18 clubs as co-curricular activities like BCMC Foreign Language Club, BCMC Driving Club, BCMC Meditation Club, BCMC Media Club, BCMC Cadet Core etc and 6 centers supports like BCMC Students’ Welfare Center, BCMC Job Searching Center, BCMC Medical Services Center, BCMC Public Relations Center, BCMC Students’ Recreation Center, BCMC Students’ Guidance & Improvement Center. We encourage active participation in an academic environment that challenges critical thinking, provides career preparation, instills values and inspires lifelong learning. We realize that each student is unique and, as a community, we strive to maximize that unique potential.

BCMC College of Engineering & Technology intends to contribute to the national and international society by demonstrating leadership as an innovative, unique, and cosmopolitan center of knowledge with an influential voice on the international scene, under the slogan “YOUR HOME IN EDUCATION.”

We look forward to having you join the BCMC College of Engineering & Technology family.

Engr. S M Rezaul Kabir
BCMC College of Engineering & Technology
Jessore-7400, Bangladesh
Cell: +880-1711-844881