Salient Features

  1. Affiliation with Rajshahi University & Bangladesh Technical Education Board, Dhaka.
  2. Engineering, Science & Technology based education.
  3. Largest Private Engineering College of the country having 91,200 sq ft infrastructural facility. Construction works are in progress to add another 16,500 sq ft floor area; thus making a total floor area of 1,07,700 sq ft.
  4. Excellent location.
  5. Free from student-politics & students’ union for proper academic environment.
  6. Classes are taken by full time qualified engineers & faculties having degrees from home & abroad. Total number of teachers, officers & staff is more than 200 which includes about 60 B Sc/M Sc Engineer/PhD-Teachers.
  7. Intensive & supervised method of teaching.
  8. Well equipped laboratories, AC fitted class rooms, laboratories, library & co-curricular clubs.
  9. Free full time Wi-Fi Internet facilities.
  10. Free medical treatment in 2-bedded BCMC Medical Services Center for the students & staff.
  11. Rich library of more than 18 thousand books; scope of study in library & borrowing books from the library. Moreover a Cyber Library is also available.
  12. Free of cost assistance in job searching by BCMC Job Searching Center.
  13. Maximum stress on recreation, sports & co-curricular activities. 19 co-curricular clubs are operated free of cost.
  14. Speaking in English within the campus is compulsory. Classes on English, Spanish, Arabic, German, Japanese, Korean & Chinese languages are conducted free of cost.
  15. Awarding prizes & certificates of honor to the position holders in examinations, sports & co-curricular activities.
  16. Selection of the ‘Student of the Year’ & awarding him/her Tk.15,000/-, a gold medal, crest & certificate of honor.
  17. Awarding `Merit Scholarship’ @ Tk 1000/- per month.
  18. Awarding `General scholarship’ @ Tk.800/- per month.
  19. Awarding prize money @ Tk.500/- per month for speaking in English fluently.
  20. Separate prayer facilities for male & female students in BCMC Central Jame Mosque.
  21. Free gym facility for the students.
  22. 24-hours electric supply through own 11/0.4KV Electric Sub-station & Auto Generator.
  23. Free study tour, recreation tour & student transportation by college own bus.
  24. Publication of `BCMC Campus’ regularly in every month & sending to all educational institutions & other places.
  25. Special discount in admission fee for meritorious, sibling & tribal students.
  26. Issue of all academic transcripts & certificates by concerned university & board.
  27. Security service headed by a Security Officer. The building is filled with CCTV Camera Network.
  28. Sending Monthly Evaluation Report (MER) of the students to their guardians.
  29. Brilliant results in the examinations having positions in board exams.
  30. About 3000 students from 44 districts currently study in BCMC College.
  31. More than 5000 students have successfully completed their courses from BCMC College & all of them are well placed in jobs or on further study.
  32. Own Shahid Minar to observe the national days & overall
  33. A unique & exceptional full-fledged engineering college.