BCMC Central Library

BCMC College has a rich central library having more than 18000 books. The students can study in the library & borrow books from the library. The library is fitted with ACs. There is also a Cyber Library & facility of photocopying. Further each department has its own library for use of books by its faculty members.

BCMC Laboratories

Labs are the place where the students get the opportunity to experience the wonder of observation. From the time of establishment we have been always trying to provide the students the best facility of laboratories furnished with modern engineering equipment and components.13 laboratories are already included with different departments and many more are going to be added soon.

BCMC Games and Sports

Not only do we offer comprehensive and career friendly professional programs of study, but we also provide opportunities of games and sports. Facilities of different indoor and outdoor games are provided by the college and different competitions are held throughout the year.

BCMC 1st Campus

BCMC 2nd Campus

Class Room

All class rooms are fitted with ACs & uninterrupted electric supply.

BCMC Driving Club

Provides students with the opportunity of learning driving free of cost along with other 18 co-curricular clubs.

CET Labs

Study Tour

Study tours are arranged free of cost as and when necessary.

11/0.4KV Electric Sub-station with Auto Generator

Provides 24-hours uninterrupted electric supply.

BCMC Students Recreation Center

Provides tours to historical & recreational spots on week-end days free of cost.

BCMC Medical Services Center

Provides free of cost medical services to the students & staff.

BCMC Central Library with Cyber Library facilities

BCMC Central Jame Mosque

Provides separate prayer facilities for male & female students & staff.

BCMC Job Searching Center

Provides free of cost services to the job seekers.

BCMC Foreign Language Club

Provides the students with the opportunity of learning 6 foreign languages (English, Spanish, German, Korean, Arabic & Japanese) free of cost.

BCMC Literature & Cultural Club


  • BCMC Supports

    BCMC Electric Sub-station
    The college has its own electric sub-station having a capacity of 200 KVA transformer, 100 KW auto-generator & ATS with a view to providing uninterrupted power supply.
    BCMC Gym
    A Gym has been established for the students for building up their bodies so as to maintain good physique.
    BCMC Buses
    BCMC College has 02 college buses. These buses are used to provide the students with the following cost-free services: a. Transportation of the students to & from the college across the selected routes. b. Recreation Tour on weekend days. c. Study Tour
    BCMC Shahid Minar
    There is a Shahid Minar inside the college for paying homage to the martyrs of language movement & those who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of this country.
  • BCMC Educational Inputs

    BCMC College has sufficient educational inputs. These include Tablet Chair, Class Room Table, White Board, Multimedia Projector, Computer, Laser Printer, IPS, Refrigerator, Work Station, Secretariat Table, Ordinary Table, Cushioned Chair with arms, Cushioned Chair without arms, Shelf, Air Conditioner, Fan, Bus, Car, Driving Training Car, Steel Almirah, File Cabinet, Laboratory Table, Broad Band Internet connection, Cell phone Internet connection, Wi-Fi Internet connection, Web Site, Sofaset, TV, DVD, Sound System, Megaphone, Rostrum, Harmonium, Tabla, Key-Board, Changer Musical Instruments, Drum & other Band Party Instruments etc.

  • BCMC College of Engineering & Technology in Print Media

    BCMC college has been passing its 15th year. During this time many features & news were published several times in different national & regional news papers of our country. These news papers include Daily Janokantho, Daily Ittefaq, Daily Mathabhanga, Daily Ajker Alo, Daily Andoloner Bazar, Daily Thikana, Daily Prothom Alo, Daily Loksamaj, Daily Runner, Daily Purbanchal, Daily Kallayan, Daily Spondon, Daily Naya Digonto, Daily Kafela, Daily Drishtipat, Daily Gramer Kagoj, Daily Sangbad, Dainik Janmobhumi, Daily Inquilab, Daily Samokal, Daily Jugantor, Daily Destiny, Daily Bhorer Kagoj, Daily Amar Desh, Daily Desh Tattho, Daily Jai Jai Din, Daily Karotoa, Daily Shomoyer Khabor, Daily Probaho, Daily Tattho, Daily Shomajer Kotha, Shomajer Kagoj, etc

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